A few things that come to mind on how to thrive outside of capitalism:

1 move your body more than you think you have to

2 practice being gentle with yourself and others

3 rest frequently

4 learn how to listen (and respond) to the signals your body is sending from within

5 support small, local business

6 spend as much time as you can in nature

7 do the things you love for the sheer pleasure of doing them (not for any kind of future attainment)

8 ask "How can I love you?", instead of "Why don't you love me?"

9 tell your friends how proud you are of them

10 collect acts of kindness, not titles and houses

Thanks Vanja, for starting the list. <3

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1.) write, even if you don’t think you’re good at it

2.) jump in the ocean without worrying if you’ll get your hair wet

3.) help take care of your childhood home when visiting

4.) sleep with the window open sometimes so the sun can wake you up

5.) draw something that you’ve taken a picture of

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Hello Vanja, thank you for this inspiring list 🩷

Some things from me:

1 star-gazing as much as possible

2 celebrate the preciousness of the now-here by bringing consciousness to your body and actions

3 remember how to play and have fun like when you were a kid

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Me encanta tu lista Vanja, voy a escribir la mía, muchas gracias ❤️🙏

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These are things I know I need/want to do more of:

- let go of tension, in your jaw, shoulders, and pelvic floor

- take your time when peeing! Don't rush the process of peeing lol. Enjoy that release

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Nice list. How about if we spend less and so don't have to be pressured to earn more. And so gain more time for the things we truly love to do.

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It’s a great list and I agree with them all but I’m not sure what most of them have to do with capitalism.

Ie the system that has taken billions out of poverty over the past century.

Yes there are ugly parts of capitalism but that shouldn’t cloud the good parts. The vast majority of human existence has been pretty terrible. Capitalism has set the human race on a more hopeful and aspirational path.

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Kind of funny actually. The author should try her list inside of socialism. Watching her scrape together the time, energy, and resources in Cuba or North Korea to pursue her endeavors would be really interesting.

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